October 17, 2003


you may have noticed that i've been trying to keep meme's grouped together in a single post. i got this idea from another blog, so does that make it a meme meme? so with my true feelings securely duct taped inside feel free to roll your eyes at my responses to this friday's memes -- a few new ones this time too!

Friday Five

  1. Name five things in your refrigerator.
    milk, orange juice, cheese, sandwich meat, and some pico de gallo

  2. Name five things in your freezer.
    parfait, ice cream, peas & carrots, corn, and various microwave meals

  3. Name five things under your kitchen sink.
    dish washing liquid, cascade, 409, a couple scrubbers, and spare rags

  4. Name five things around your computer.
    many CDs, cup of pens, notebooks, books, a red glass heart

  5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet.
    i have no medicine cabinet! In the area where one would be you would find: toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand soap, a brush, a few binders

PPF: Past, Present, Future
PAST: Mickey Mouse, rotary, cordless... what kind of phone did you have in your house, growing up?
just your run of the mill push-button telephone.

PRESENT: Describe your current relationship with mobile phone technology.
it's a love/hate relationship. it's my fault since i'm the one pushing the buttons. they are finally becoming more capable which is a good thing!

FUTURE: What do you suppose is next? Implanted cellular technology? Videophones?
more features. integrated GPS as well as more features to make it less of a phone and more of a communications device.

Weekly Wrap-Up: Saving Your Life

  1. Describe how much you agree or disagree with the idea that journals and blogs are a way to "save" your life?

    i have a rather mixed opinion on that one as writing and visiting journals/blogs has provided me with the extremes. i'm rather new to writing this way on a regular basis, so i'll have to leave my thought on the matter right there.

  2. How often you you reference other blog entries you've written? How often do you link to those blog entries as documentation of your history? How often do you ping (if your blogging software has that capability) your own entries?

    i reference other blogs when i feel it's appropriate and really never do so to document my history. i have never pinged (or trackbacked) another blog but probably will someday once i understand the advantages of doing so.

  3. How many entries does your blog have? What are the top two topics you most frequently write about? The bottom two?

    i'm a bit shy of 200 right now. i'd say the top two are my feelings and doing memes. the bottom would consist of commenting about other's blogs.

  4. Have you ever rebooted your blog to erase your previous online life? If so, why? If not, under what circumstances would you ever consider it?

    nope. trying to erase the past is a waste of time. heck, i've found usenet postings i made back in the 80's. if i were to take it off-line, it wouldn't be because i wanted (or expected) to erase anything.

  5. 5. Share a blog that you best feels "saves" someone's life? Why did you pick it?

    I'll have to go with I Must, which ironically is no longer updated. she has sadly moved on elsewhere. i picked her old site because i particularly liked her next to last post. i enjoy her writing style and stories that are shared. some have made me laugh aloud, others have yanked a few tears, and all come straight from the heart.

Photo Friday
This week's challenge: 'Body'.
i've resisted using the photo/image i used for theme thursday yesterday since it was a body part too.

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reminds me of the cover of the kiss me kiss me kiss me album :)

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